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Finestshops X-cart managed package: free support, PCI, management and proactive store performance monitoring on premium Rackspace hosting 

Finestshops X-cart managed package: free support, PCI, management and proactive store performance monitoring on premium Rackspace hosting

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Getting Frustrated?

If you're sick and tired of dealing with hosting problems, PCI certification, security issues, X-cart patches, database optimizations, security updates, spam and virus threats...

And you've had your fill of usability issues, add-ons, confusing support & manuals, complicated fixes for simple tasks, and support issues that drag on for weeks…

FinestShops is Here To Help

FinestShops works with businesses who have already invested their money, efforts and a lot of time in their X-cart based store and want to spend their time managing and growing their online sales and not pulling their hair out trying to get their website to run smoothly.

Finestshops is a very specialized hosting company. We manage e-commerce stores exclusively. And because we're specialist, we've eliminated many of the problems and frustrations that are all to common in the hosting industry.

7 Reasons businesses are turning to Finestshops to host their X-Cart stores.

  1. Your store will run on super fast X-Cart optimized PCI certified virtual private server! You'll get great performance at any time of the day, which means more orders for your business!

  2. Relax and enjoy 100% network up-time backed by Rackspace - the world's leading hosting provider.
  3. Never lose an order again with our 24/7 proactive store performance monitoring
  4. Free, unlimited, friendly live technical support for your X-cart store.

  5. Free X-cart patching and free security updates.
  6. "Zero Downtime" migration  of your X-cart store to your new server with us
  7. Worry free, smooth operation including daily database checks and optimization – included.

Manage your business, not your website!

Click here for more details and packages: X-cart free technical support, premium Rackspace server, management and proactive store performance monitoring

Updated May 23, 2013

Customer Reviews

Sunday, November 3, 2013 at 17:11
Rated by David Natal
Very responsive company with a full-service hosting. They really do as they advertise--make sure that your needs are taken care of, respond quickly to questions and requests, transfer your site over to their hosting, and more. They provide a control panel so you can access your database and site back end, and they assist when needed. They have a ticket system so you can submit requests, and they stay on top of things. So far we have been with them for a month or so and have been very, very happy with their attitudes and processes.
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